hardest boss and levels to stand a chance

hi i am a final fantasy7 lover and i think the hardest boss is demons gate or emeral weapon. i have completed this many times but i am trying to do it again. can some people tell me before i try to battle demons gate because i dont like game overs what levels i should be.

cloud lv 37
aries lv 34
tifa lv36

my msn is francis999@hotmail.co.uk if you want to chat further

I remember the first time I played Final Fantasy VII, when it was my first RPG ever, and my characters weren’t levelled at all, and I still didn’t really understand what the hell I was doing, and Demon Gate made me stop playing through sheer frustration XD

When I started again, I kicked his ass, though. I can’t remember really, but at an educated guess, Level 30’s sounds okay to make it challenging but not impossible.

Hardest bosses for me were Omega Weapon (FFVIII) and Ozma (FFIX).

I don’t even remember Demon’s Gate. I guess I should play the game again soon, but the whole Midgar area just makes me not want to play it; my attention span just can’t put up with that many hours of story that I’ve already read just to get to the overworld map.

ive just gone on to disc 2 now so im level 43 with cloud vincent is lv 39 and tifa lv42

Don’t use Tifa, should be easy after that. :slight_smile:

tifa is amazing her limit break does 2500 damage for each hit well who else do you want me to use

Well once leveled up properly everyone can do decent damage. Plus Tifa’s limit is one of the more annoying since you have to focus on that, while the rest of the fight is going.

So having someone else who can do decent damage, with limit breaks, by just telling them to do it is much better. But to each their own I guess. Just use whoever you like.

What Limit does Cloud have? And how good are ure summons?

Save a file right after Midgar. Then save on another memory block, keeping that file intact.

EDIT: Emmy because I’m too lazy to bother working to get everything I need to fight him.

Necron, because he’s a dirty fucking cheater. Really. :smiley:

That’d require me to do it again. Every time I try to do that, my hard drive ends up going out, or Windows gets all corrupted. I haven’t played it on PS since the PC version came out.

Well, dust off the other version if it bothers ytou that much. :stuck_out_tongue:

Or save it to a disk. A CD in a drawer isn’t going to be affected by a memory wipe (heaven forbid), now is it?

But I’m <I>sooo</I> lazy… :smiley:

It’s not hurting me if you don’t ever play FF7 again. :slight_smile: