Hard Drive Woes

Hi guys,

My computer was initially acting funny one day. Most of the programs and folders under the Start menu (Windows 7) were missing. I ran all my anti-spyware programs (Norton 360, Spybot, and Malwarebytes) and they didn’t find anything. I then ran the diagnostics test at start up and it told the hard drive failed a test. See below:

Testing: ST31000528AS (9VP23TLCD)

Error Code: BIOHD-8
Error : A SMART test failed on the drive

SMART Test: SMART Short Self Test

Suggestion: Backup files
Suggeston: Contact HP

A friend of mine was helping diagnose all this stuff and he said the hard drive error meant imminent hard drive failure and to get a replacement. The problem was that my warranty is over (the computer’s almost three years old) and when I called HP the hard drive the computer had is no longer stocked by them. They gave the names of two other companies that stock them and their prices seem a little steep (I even tried looking for the specific model number HP gave me and found one site that wanted $500.00 for it). I was just wondering if you knew of any places to look for one.

Here are the specs:

1 TB Hard Drive
Interface: SATA
Transfer rating: 3.0 GB/sec
Rotational Speed: 7200 RPM

My PC model number is NP196AA-ABA

I found this hard drive on newegg.com. It has similar specs and seems to be a good deal. I’m just not good with hardware and if someone could let me know that this is what I’m looking for I’d greathly appreciate it:


Thanks in advace for any assistance!

That will be able to replace what you have, yes.

Thank you for the reply Nul. I just have one more question, if you don’t mind? I posted a similar request on the HP forums and the guy that answered stated the following:

“That drive will probably work, but you will have a more certain chance of compatibility with a SATA drive instead of a SATAII hard disk. I would recommend instead taking a look at the drive I marked in the follwing image. I have always had great success with Samung Spinpoint hard drives.”

The drive he was referring to can be found here:


Is there any really a chance of combatibility issues with the other drive I posted earlier or is the just better quality? The specs are just bunch of numbers to me with higher being better in my untrained eyes.

The hard drive on my computer is stil working fine for now, but I’m not going to chance it much longer. I don’t have anything important on here and I’ve already backed up the few save files I wanted to keep. I’ve also tried reformatting the drive to see if it would help, but no luck there either.

I reallly appreciate your help Nul. Thanks again!

There isn’t no: SATA II is backwards compatible with SATA I.

I went with the one in my second post. I read some of the reviews and with the recommendation of the guy on the HP forums is seemed like the better choice. Again, thank you very much Nulani! Does the death goddess take the souls of dead hard drives?

Rarely. If you have any sensitive data on that drive - you probably do - you’ll want to physicially smash it before you throw it in the trash.

And maybe take a powerful magnet to it, just to be sure.

I wasn’t being serios witht hat last question…but thanks for the tips.