Happy Valentines Day!

It all started a little while ago. I was browing the RPGClassics.com
Forums <http://agora.rpgclassics.com>, along with about half of the
other members. My foresight had managed to let me avoid the flamewars
the main forum, discussions on the staff forum and spam in the free rp
forum. I remember the details of this day clearly for one reason. It
wasn’t because I was excited to be reading good threads. No, it was
because on that day, in a thread, that I met you. Now I had seen you
before at the forums. No, no. That’s not quite right, I had watched you
before at the forums. However, it wasn’t until that thread that we
really connected on any kind of personal level. You recognised me from
the staff and was obviously excited by my masculinity. You asked if I
wouldn’t mind writing a post. Well of course I didn’t, and that simple
gesture began what has turned into an amazing friendship.

As a nerd I have been convinced of the inadequacies of the written
language when it comes to the description of feelings or emotions for
quite a while. However, there are times when you simply must say
something when physical contact is either not convenient or practical.
So, it is with a heavy heart that I am forced to express the feelings
that I have for you, because I know that these emotions are poorly
served by the simple words I must use. It is not enough for me to say
that I love you. I have used this same word to describe my relationship
with milk, my television and those little bagel things with the pizza
inside. So, to use it to describe the immense feelings and emotions
you elict in me seems wrong. However, because I am a nerd and not a
writer I have no other words available to me at this time. So I will
it under the condition that anyone reading this knows that the word
is but a mere shadow of the feeling I have for you. That no matter how
beautiful it might be it is still only a shadow. The feeling itself,
that which cast the shadow is more brilliant and colorful than you can
possibly imagine. With that said I suppose it is safe for me to

I love you.
Will you please be my Valentine?

/-Tenchimaru Draconis/

I love you too, TD, of course I’ll be your Valentine.:yipee:

So will I, TD ^.~ :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I think I’ll pass. Even though I sent out cards to my favorite ladies, I’m Weiila’s Valentine… I hope. laughs

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You know what? I never figured out who Kara O’Donnel was until now.

Bah. Stupid day.

Grr. Wake me when this day is over.

(actualy, I’ll be at work starting in two hours. Let’s just hope no couples come in to the store together…grar…)

I despise this day, but seeing good friends happy makes up for most of it.

Happy von Hunter’s Day!

I don’t celebrate Valentines Day, never got a reason to, but I do celebrate von Hunter’s Day…
So once again. Happy von Hunter’s Day :stuck_out_tongue:

Why haven’t you eaten the chocolates I gave you yet?

I’m spending Valentine’s day alone, therefore I am unloved. Cry for me whilst I go kill myself.

(Happy valentine’s day :D)


I see materialistic! That makes me twitch! But, it’s rather hard to read… so I’ll read it later…

Golly, am blushing. :runaway:

V-Day was great for me, although I am DUMBFOUNDED in how much damn MONEY people spend on this holiday. I have a friend who spent over $800 for his fiancee. Note, he also said she was almost ready to claw his face off for it, UNTIL he too her on a shopping spree.

Money is no issue, as I see it. However, that’s just…yeah…

I must’ve spent around $35 myself just as a personal note. $3 for the card (it was really great and really fitting), about $5 or $6 for the rose-in-a-balloon (I couldn’t find ONE SINGULAR ROSE! Except in a balloon, which was nice…), $6 for the Vandoren Tenor Sax reed I had to buy to play on my friends instruement (for the serenade, o’ course), and $22 for dinner. Could’ve been more, but I took her to Fuji’s (Take Chinese Take-out/Buffet/Shogun Tenyaki/etc. all in ONE) and she said “You want to pay THIS much??” She didn’t want me spending that much on her, and after about eight minutes of “Damnit, Batman! (me)” and “Damnit, Woman!” and an enjoyable hour of driving around town laughing about it, we settled for Mexican instead.

Anyways, it’s all about the experiences, not the dough.

I remember someone made a poem about V-Day last year on the fourms…how did it go?

~Blue is the Violet,
Red is the rose.
I’m very single.
Valentines Blows.~

Originally posted by Kagato Toujou
~Blue is the Violet,
Red is the rose.
I’m very single.
Valentines Blows.~