Happy Valentines Day!

For all of you out there with your “Special Friend”. Happy Valentines Day! :kissy:

And for the rest of you out there “May Cupid’s arrow strike true on this, the most Lovey Dovey day of the year.” :get it?:

It’s snowing so damn much here, I’m almost convicned Valentines Day is cancelled. Which suits me, since the romantic part of my soul find being snowedin with your loved one to be quite an endearing thing And if you’re not snowed in with your loved one, well… sucks to be you.

My girlfriend got me a Wii Points Card. Yeah, she rawks.

Happy Valentine’s Day. Hopefully, I’ll be spending the day with my boyfriend, Jim Beam.

Happy Singles Awareness day.

Snow day, no Valentines dance, no one is at home or around. Looks like I’m celebrating it with the square-headed girlfriend.

I’m in college, so, it’s not like I have any snow days, ah well.

Lights out…


A candle pentagram just for the heck of it…

…We had a cool evening.

Happy Why-Do-People-Need-An-EXCUSE-To-Say-I Love You Day. :stuck_out_tongue:

Take that, you little winged freak.

Trilly, thank you, that REALLY brightened my day after classes weren’t cancelled because of the snow. :smiley:


Yes, and this.


Your honor, there are some totally gorgeous lonely chicks out there!


I’ll just join the bunch who did something considerate and received none in return. Don’t you just hate it when you start out with a positive outlook and just get bent in the end due to other people reacting to you like you were some kind of a freak over a day like this?

Well Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.

sigh God I wish I had someone special in my life right now. Oh well.


Nulani, that was so cool. Aww. :smiley:
Instead of having a nice day, I worked late and had an unpleasant conversation with the guy for whom I care a great deal who just wants to be friends and actually seems to miss not talking with me (since I’m trying to put distance to avoid fooling myself). It’s a long story. Basically, I said that it sucks either way and I have to do what ends up hurting me the least, and I don’t know what that is yet. Not like you guys needed to know that, but hey… just call me Debbie Downer.

I did get candy from one of my friends. :slight_smile:

My girlfriend gave me a green elephant because green is my favourite colour and elephants are one of my favourite animals.
I got her a candy heart and a fuckton of cigarettes.
I feel kinda bad about how much thought went into hers, and I was just like “she likes cigarettes, but does not appear old enough to buy them, whereas I do.” Although I had to work hard to find a “LOL” candy heart in white.

This evening was supposed to be spent watching zombie movies, but such plans were preempted by the fact that I had an exam tomorrow…Perhaps tomorrow or Saturday I shall have a chance to watch them?
So happy single awareness day(it really didn’t feel as though it was Valentine’s day today)

The only lovin’ I managed to express on this ‘the most lovey dovey day of the year’ was a box of choclates for my dear ma-ma. The rest of this ‘the most lovey dovey day of the year’ was spent shoveling snow and sleeping.:too bad:

Oh well, better luck next year I suppose.:ulty: