Happy happy is me! ^^

The season premere of “Monk” in on in 15 minutes! :smiley:

Does anyone else here watch that show?

I havent watched for a while. But that and The Dead Zone, are like my favorite shows online. But I am not happy…

I’ve only seen a few episodes, but I liked what I saw. I remember when that guy was on Wings. Wings, there was a dumb sitcom…

Anyways, I’m gonna watch the season premeire tonight.

I’ve watched a few eopisodes, it seemed pretty good. But I have this thing about coming in on a series without having seen a lot of it beforehand.

I’m the same way.

And BTW, I LIKED Wings. :stuck_out_tongue:

I never said I didn’t LIKE Wings, I’m just saying it was a really dumb idea for a show. I actually enjoyed Wings. I know it’s not saying much seeing that I hate almost all of them, but Wings is one of my favorite sitcoms.