happy fathers day!!

I can’t believe nobody has made this thread yet.

today across the world people go to visit there fathers and pretend for 24 hours that they don’t hate them.

now go out and celebrate!

on another note I got my father the best of Clint Eastwood colection.

what you get yours?

:moogle: I got my dad the encyclopedia of guns.

I damn well hope none of you are fathers. >O


I don’t know about your calendar ther in North America, but here Father’s day is only in August.

oh ok then everywhere across the world except Brazil. is that better? or is the date different in other countries to?


Im not a father, but there are some places where if you are a certain age you are considered a father. I’m talking about like places to eat or hotels(big chained hotels).

That’s so weird. Here in NZ we have it in Sept.

I always figured it was a worldwide thing. Guess not.

Brazil is not Yakistonia!


I was going to make this thread this morning but I was in a hurry to go to a Father’s Day celebration at the local Baptist Church.

No, I’m not a father! :eek: But my sister wanted me to be there for the sake of my 4-year-old nephew Luis, whose father lives in the US. I’m not Baptist either, but I had a great time. :slight_smile:

Happy Father’s Day to all your fathers, or to those of you who might BE fathers! :victoly:

your location says Brazil so thats where I thought you lived. my mistake. :moogle:

I DO live in Brazil, I said that because you said “everywhere across the world except Brazil”.

ok fine everywhere except Brazil, and Yakistonia. :moogle:


Yar wins, with a Perfect, a Flawless Victory and honors.

Cait: stfu and click that link.

Oh yeah, Father’s Day, everyone remembers father’s day, but I’ll be darned if there’s going to be a Juneteenth thread.

Ah well, happy Father’s Day to everyone out there…who’s a father of course.

I don’t see what’s so great about this day. if you really appreciate your dad, why do you need a day to show him that you do? same applies for mothers day…

…and Valentine’s… and Christmas… and how many times have we had this discussion?

May he rot in hell.

Personally I think these days are nice. Becuase even if you do appreciate your father all the year, it might not be possible to do that every day of the year. So it is nice to have a day to do just that. Oh well, whatever.

I don’t know why, but here in Italy father’s day was in March. Except Italy too, besides Brazil I would add.

I find that hoidays in different days if kind of unnecessary.Why cant everyone just celebrate on the same day?But then again, stores would be flooded like that damn sale at christmas since every race has to get something for another.