Happy birthday, Zero.

Many happy returns, man.

Happy Birthday to you!
I’ll live longer then you!
You’re one year older,
and have one less to live too!

Happy one day closer to death day is takled by Nulani’s lawyers

I need to make a point to actually start REMEMBERING some of the birthdays around here. This is only, what, the sixth birthday of yours I’ve been around for? Maybe seventh?

Anyhoo, Happy Birthday man. Maybe next year I’ll remember it without having to see it elsewhere ::doh::

Happy Birthday~ :dancer:

Happy BDay, Z.

Happy bday, Zero =D You’ll receive a little something through AIM 8D

happy bdays , Z and TD (I neglected TD)

Happy Birthday Zero. Now, this year, before you do anything you think may be stupid, think; ‘what would Jesus do?’

Happy Birthday Zero, even though you never wished me one, and closed my thread at that ;_;

Happy B-Day Zero! Is this gonna get mixed in the generic birthday thread too?

Happy Bday 2 you!

Hey ho and a bottle of happy birthday :toast:

What they said.

The universe sadly disagreed with you all…damned stairs, cursed non-metalplated vulnerable back, ow.

Oh, and working 4-11PM is dull.

Happy birthday.

Yes it is.

Happy (belated?) birthday Z, although universe disagreed with us.

HB GL HF. Or “Hyvää Syntymäpäivää, Zero!”

Grattis på födelsedagen, Zero.
Sorry about your back :confused: Take care of yourself, dangit.

Happy belated birthday, hope it’s better. ^^