Happy Birthday "The 984!"

:caik: :984: Happy Birthday to “The 984!” :984: :caik:

Over the years we know that bad experiences with newbies have led much of the forum to become some what skeptical of the intentions of newcomers (with all the bots and all!) Well I’ve taken some time to make a little picture that shows that beyond that rough rigid exterior (by which I mean the armour, of course! :P) lies a fun-loving kid that hasn’t been scarred by the constant threat of Uriel attacks! xD

I know it’s a bit of a sketchy drawing… but I did it just quickly! …hope it’s good! :slight_smile:

Hope you have an awesome day with friends and family! and “cheers” for keeping the RPGC free from Uriel attacks so far this year! :smiley: :cool:

NB: I know there is a birthday thread but I thought I would make a separate one for this! :slight_smile:


Happy birthday. Hope you aren’t a fan of the Broncos.

Happy Birthday 984. Don’t party too hard now :).

I just realized, It’s not the 25th of October in the US/Canada… so I kind of posted this a bit early! :open_mouth: I just got confused because it was already the 25th here Sorry about that! :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy Early Birth.

Happy Belated Birthday Teh 984.


Edit: Wait you mean it’s not late? Fuck!

Happy birthday, number man!

yaaay happy Bday! cheers and dances! :984::caik::caik::toast::toast::dancer:

Happy b-day!



Happy Birthday!

Here’s 984 lives and 1 cake. Use them wisely. Or don’t. :smiley:


Happy B-day…beware of wild Kagons appearing.

I like how you havent said “happy one more year closer to death” since 9/11.

Happy birthday, “The 984”!

The Irish are late.

As always.

(Happy birthday.)

Happy birthday, dad!