Happy birthday Sir Percival!

He deserves a thread cause he is the sexy.

Happy Birthday Perc!
I hope you will have many more of those. (Especially the happy ones :))

The Lord said “Let there be a great celebration” and the faithful replied “So mote it be”

Happy Birthday man, Have an awesome party, Pretend i’ll turn up so make it awesome ok? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well well well…

Happy birthday, Sir Percival. Have a nice day.

Have a great one Perc. Invite some hotties out for a drink or two :3

Happy Birthday Perc!

Happy Birthday. :moogle:

Happy birthday to you, Sir Percival!

Happy birfday Percy-wercy! :3 caik and cookies and an exclusive Fair Maiden Dragonessa plushie, complete with medieval-style dress and hair!

Very Merry Day of Birth, Sir Percival. May you have a jolly good time with those you care for.

:ah-ha!: - Hey, you know the one about the Knight and the-

:enguard: - Dost not even THINK about it!!

Happy birthday. gives you a thong

gives Perc a stripper-in-cake as a birthday gift

Happy birthday perc.

Happy birthday percy. If I’d known your birthday was coming I"d of prepared something but suffice it to say. Have fun and be merry.

And there was much rejoicing! :smiley: Happy birfday Perc.

Yes, happy birthday, Perc. :smiley:

Happy B-Day, Sir Percy!

does the medieval happy birthday dance for Sir Percival

Happy Birthday, Percy :slight_smile:

Awww…shucks… blushes

Thank you, everyone. You are wonderful friends!

I thought about making another ask-Percy thread, but I am not sure whether those are still allowed.