Happy Birthday RPGC

Not only is it my birthday, but it’s actually the third anniversary of the liberation of RPGC.

Happy birthday, congratulations - whatever.

Happy Birthday!

And to think… Errr… Well, let’s just party. :smiley:

Happy Birthday!!! :yipee: :yipee: :yipee:

gets “jiggy” with it >_>;;

Happy Burfday! ::dekar!::



gets jiggy with cala

man, think about it. when RPGC was first put up, there was a baby born. and that baby might be named RPGClassics. and that baby, may grow up to be the next hitler. … but probably not…

Happy birthday you black-abyss-which-sucks-helpless-innocents-into-it’s-dark-recesses-forever you.

The site that is, Sorc I couldn’t give two shits about ;D.

Or musolini (sp).

I don’t understand.

Well if it’s RPGC’s birthday, LET’S PARTY! I said PARTY!

The liberation of a webpage is certainly something worth celebrating: Screw Sorcs’ Birthday!

Yay. Three years old. Only 18 until its of legal age.

It’s not the site’s birthday, it’s the anniversary of the liberation of RPGC from the clutches of Shaheen Jim; I thought Sorc made that clear. :o

VIVA LA REVOLUCION [I don’t know French, so I probably got that wrong :D]!

…and happy birthday, Sorc.

Happy aniversary, RPGC…I LOVE YOU, MAN!!!

We shull neverrr surrrenderrr!

does the happy birth/liberationday daaance :slight_smile:

Yeah, happy birthday, ‘n’ stuff.

Hmm … I think I’m gonna need to make some more cakes this time …

Dang! I have no idea who to glomp this time! … I know, I’ll glmp EVERYONE! [glomp]

HOLY CRAP!!! crash

YAYYYY!!!1111elevenses [glomps everyone in the thread and gives each one of their souls a lick]

… I’m not even gonna say anything.