Happy Birthday! Hoorah!

It is the Marine Corps’ 229th birthday today. So just a happy birth shout out.

My uncle just came over today from NC. He’s in the Marines.

Tell him Happy Birthday for me. I sort of feel sorry for him, I hated being there, and I was only there for 3.5 months. Is he at Cherry Point or Lejune?

Where in NC, Cala? My dad’s also a marine and we live in North Carolina.

Stupid jarhead. Why aren’t you in Iraq already? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d bet he’s camera Shy. Several the news channels are showing the same footage from Iraq at simlar times. Some one manged to get Sky news and Itv news almost in sync with each other.

On a British/Commonwealth note, at 11 am GMT today (11/11/04) there was a 2 miniute siliece accoss the Contry. Red poppies. Remberance day…

Big Nutter