Happy birthday Ez

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> The big 1-0, eh? Congrats.

yooooo, happy birthday Ez!

Ez? Who? And he’s 10 years old? Christ.

Happy birthday, you young rapscallion.:hahaha;

Originally posted by Sorcerer
Ez? Who? And he’s 10 years old? Christ.

I really hope you are kidding.

Happy Birthday EZ. :smiley:

Happy birthday guy with the really cool avatar.

Originally posted by Crotanks
I really hope you are kidding.

Why? Because I’m not, who are we talking about? I didn’t know we had 9 year olds posting at rpgc.

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday little man, we’re corrupting you nicely.

Sorc… he’s a freakin op man :stuck_out_tongue: How can’t you notice him? :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy 10th, Ez ^^

EzBoarder? Since people wouldn’t tell me I had to go check. And it says he’s 15, not 10…

And what do you mean he’s an op - did you forget? Ops names aren’t bolded anymore.

And we have ops that are 10 years old? o_O

He is 15, they’re making fun of him.


That’s not really funny. Must be an inside thing.

Pretty much.

does the happy birthday dance for Ez

in a breathy, seductive voiceHappy birthday… Mister Preside… oh wait…


Happy birthday Ez!

Wow. A whole decade. You geezer.

Happy birthday, Ezboarder.

Happy Birthday Ez.

<img src = “http://uploads.nulani.net/uploads/Ezboarder-Fireworks.jpg”>