Write more songs.


Happy Birthday, SG. Keep on Skankin’.

Sometimes, he goes pee.

Heh, well I’m not actually 24 until 10:24 (8 hours and 16 minutes), but thanks you guys!

Charlemagne, I think you mean “cumpleaños”, not “aniversario”.

Happy birthday, oh hallowed tit o’ RPGC :smiley:

A year passed already?

My review of Skankin’ Garbage:

Completely awesome!

Happy day, man.

Happy Birthday, SG! Have some Video Game Caik so you can review it after eating it! :hahaha;

(For those who don’t know, that’s the Wedding Cake Boss from the first Super Mario RPG. That game was crazy awesome!)

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to one of the best video game reviewers of the century.

Happy birthday; keep writing music.

Happy birthday, you great tit.

Happy birthday man.

Go to hell, you old bastard.

Um. Birthday. Woo.

Happy Birthday, SG!
Also, here’s more cake::caik::caik:

This is the best dinky day! Happy Birthday! :smiley:

Happy Music; keep writing birthdays

Happy Birthday SG ^^