Happy Birthday Crotanks!!!

Whether or not he’s still active… I’d just like to say

:dancer: HAPPY 22ND BIRTHDAY :caik: CROTANKS!!! :dancer:

He’s practically the reason I found this website in the first place and an inspiration to me personally through his shrines. A great person none-the-less (as many of you would know, more so than me) I wish him all the best with his future endeavors and may this day be fun and fulfilling as well!!! :slight_smile:

Happy birthday Cro! Have one on me :):toast:

No. We’re not doing this. We have a birthday thread. If I can’t have my own birthday thread. Crotanks, who doesn’t even come here anymore, doesn’t get one.

happy birthday!

First up, it’s not your birthday! ^^ and secondly, I’m sure have gotten many birthdays threads in the past. So don’t complain. lol!

It’s my birthday next month. If I don’t get my own thread…

If you can be polite from now, till your b’day… then you got yourself a deal! ^^

…fuck you

Is it really that difficult? :hahaha;

There’s no reasoning with Char, he’ll just eat your face.

Nah. he’s just messing around… it’s all in good fun! :stuck_out_tongue: