happy birthday Cid-dawg

you know it!

Fo’ sho’

Today is my 8001 day alive. :slight_smile:

Why does it always gotta be about you 984?

Happy birthday, Ciddo :slight_smile:

I was thinking of making this thread in the FFC to celebrate, but instead… I didn’t.

…Anyway, Happy birthday, Cid. Hat’s off to you.

Don’t even trip, foo, and have a happy birthday.

Mazel Tov!

plays fanfare

Ah, the yearly outpouring of goodwill from all them folk who never met me and know virtually nothing about me. :sunglasses: Thanks.

Have a very happy one, El Cid. Keep on…er…compending. Yes. :wave:

I know you’re good at keeping your arguing civil. >.>

Happy late birthday. <.<

Congratulations, Cid. Many happy returns.

Happy new year and birthday Cid!

Happy Birthday, Cid. It’s great that you’ve stuck with us all these years. Let’s hope you stay for many more. :cool: