Happy belated birthday CH!

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Heh, now I don’t feel so bad that no one makes birthday threads for me. :stuck_out_tongue:

CH rocks.


Yeah, CH, Birfday wishes and everything. Have a good one.

I was wondering why CH didn’t get his own BD thread. He’s very much an RPGC personality.

I greeted him in the Birthday Thread, BTW. But what the heck: Hope you had a great BD, CH!

Yeah, happy birthday, ‘n’ stuff.

I made more hotcakes!

Halpy borthday, Clorth Halt!

HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!!!1111111elevenses [glomps CH and starts licking his soul]

Happy Birthday! It’s such a special day we won’t even put you in the laundry machine today XD

Does that get funnier to you every time you write it?

Happy birthday, you…you…you HAT you.

Ick <.<; Belated happy BDay, hat ^^;

And it <i>keeps</i> gettin’ <i>funnier</i> EVERY time I <i>see</i> it, NOT TO MENTION the fact that you’re talkin’ to a <i>dead guy</i> SO WHAT DO YOU THINK!!! …do you think I’m qualified?

oh and, happy birthday.


Happy birthday, Mr. Hat!

Happy belated birthday CH. ^^

Ay yi yi yi, I don’t get online for a couple of days and all the important people have B-days! Oh well you deserve these CH:

Gives CH two more succubbi for the night

Now don’t stay up too late :mwahaha: !

Happy birthday! Get it? Nethack? Fedora? Get it?

CH, you do rock. I’ve been in denial about it for a while, but I have to admit it. You rock!