Happy 25th Birthday SaGa!


So yeah. Apparently Squeenix remember that they used to make games without words like Final, Dragon, Fantasy or Quest in the title and announced a bunch of SaGa related stuffs during a stream, chief among which is a new SaGa title for the Vita, along with a Browser-based game called Imperial SaGa as well as a PSN release of Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song.

But more importantly is that for awhile now, another game has been in development for the 3DS called Legend of Legacy and so far, it looks like there’s enough to consider it another SaGa game in disguise (The Last Remnant being the other SaGa incognito game).

Also yes, today does indeed mark the 25th anniversary of the day that SaGa Densetsu was released for the original GameBoy brick.:caik:

(Not that this matters to anyone since I’m probably the only one who used to post on these boards left around here.)