Halloween's ST Review theme needs your input !

Let’s get right down to it.

Me & Kero are organising a special Silent Hill AND Sweet Home review extravaganza. We’re covering everything. For those of you who are interested and own the SH3 and/or SH4 domestic STs should consider reviewing if you have time. For those interested and don’t own any STs, I can help. winwinknudgenudge

Please post which ST you wish to review. You can review all four if you want to. Any reviews for this event will be greatly appreciated. Reviews will be posted on Halloween(obviously =P). We’re taking multiple reviews of every OST, everyone gets a chance to review their favorite SH ST.

Thanks everyone =D

Edit: Reviews should be handed in by October 25th at the latest so we have a few days to look up the reviews and do corrections if need be.

List of Contributors(To be updated as entries come in)

Nightblade: Silent Hill 2 and 3 OSTs - IN ! :smiley:

Cless Alvein : Sweet Home Arranged - IN ! :smiley:

Can I review SH2/3 OST? :smiley:

NB, yes, yes you can =D

Bah >.>;

I’ll do any SH OST LEFT! 1, 2,3 or 4, it doesn’t matter. GIVE ME OST TO REVIEW >O

Please =o =o =o



SILENT HILL? That’s not even an RPG!

I insist you do a Sweet Home OST review for Halloween.

  1. I’m leading the ST section, if I want to branch out a little bit to make things more interesting, I will. Besides, we’ve done it before.

  2. Provide me the Sweet Home arranged ST and I will consider it. I don’t have 100+$ to hunt it down on YJA, nor do I have the interest to get it. (Right now, at least)

So I just e-mail you the reviews? or PM? or post them here?

And when does this have to be done?

NB : Email them, the 25th October is the due date.

Ugh, I can’t even half-joke around DG, he takes everything too seriously.

I’m interested. I’ll do anything, just give me some of those awesome SH tracks. :smiley:

I’ll do 2 and 3.

You need to understand, I’m an audiophile. Anything pertaining to STs will be taken very seriously by yours truly as its a pretty big hobby for me, not to mention expensive, but that’s another story << >>

Tell you what, Hiryuu : I’ll look around for it, if I can find it, you’re more than welcome to review it. :smiley:

Double post because no one will notice otherwise :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Got it ! :slight_smile:
For the Sweet Home Arranged ST, is anyone here other than myself & Hiryuu willing to take a stab at reviewing it ?

I’d do it. Do I need to have any previous knowledge of the game to do so? Plus there’s the fact you’d need to upload it onto the site somewhere, since all my FTP software refuses to work through the uni proxy.

As I thought, the Sweet Home ST kicks much ass.

I’m not sure I’m the best person to review it though, since I love the game and anything associated with it greatly, so my review would be extremely biased. It’d just end up being several paragraphs praising the game and its soundtrack. But I’ll still do it. I never miss out an opportunity to advertise Sweet Home.

Thanks again DG.

I don’t have any of the OSTs or the Sweet Home one, but I’ll be glad to accept them from you DG and review any and all. >.>

Cala, are you sure you can review 5 STs in time for Halloween ? It’s tougher than you might expect.

I can do one of Sweet Home if you send me it. I’ve never played (or even heard of) the game… so… I assume it’ll be fairly unbaiased :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for showing interest, Cless =)

I’ll add you to the list.

Any other takers ? =D

I’ll do SH4 and Sweet Home then.

I need this to be stickied so I can track the progress of the contributors. Mods/Admins… can you please sticky this ? Thanks !!