I’m still trying to think of ways to teach those teenagers who are too old to be trick-or-treating without attending a smaller child a lesson. You know the type… not even in a costume, doesn’t even say “Trick or treat!”, but gives you the look of “Give me candy or your house gets egged tonight”. Maybe I’ll just say no and then camp out with the rifle for the night. :smiley:

That’s if we even give out candy. The kids in our own neighborhood get shafted because parents from other neighborhoods drag their kids here because apparently we’re the rich people with the full-size candy bars or some shit like that.

Back on course… I’ll probably still be sick. :frowning:

I’m being Spike Speigel.

Tommorrow = halloween party
Saturday = trick or treating
Monday (Halloween) = dressing up for school, then doing some scavenger hunt thing that night. If my team wins we get money and booze. :smiley:

Giving a twenty minute presentation in class on an oral history interview I conducted two weeks ago then working in the night. Will fantasize about tipping a few people over on my return trip across campus (8pm is early, but there’s bound to be a few boozehounds at it already).

Nothing out of the ordinary.

Absolutely nothing, since Halloween pretty much is nothing in the UK. I do sometimes envy the vigour with which other parts of the world celebrate it.

Don’t forget your towel.


screw handing out candy. my parents are going to sit in the doorway and hold the candy, i’m climbing to the roof with the hose and spraying all unsuspecting candy seekers. my porch is perfect too, cuz the tree hangs out over the porch roof, so i can climb up there and still not be seen.

So much fun! But the older kids are getting harder to scare by the year.Damn kids and their video games shakes caneIf anything Id like to attend a rock concert that day or something.Usually halloween concerts are more awesome.

I’m trying to get my date to wear a french maid costume to the party we’re going to.

She’s not going for it.

Hey, I know where my towel is, man.

Try a schoolgirl outfit.

Watching Countdown.

As long as she doesn’t wear one of these, I’d consider yourself lucky. :stuck_out_tongue:

That hoopy frood really knows where his towel is.

Ha ha. I actually suggested that first. She said she went as that last year. Too bad I wasn’t in the picture last year.



I will be eating my own damn candy that i bought with my own damn money, sneering and growling savagely at those who dare to come to my door.

I’m going to the anime club halloween party tonight, and that is all intend to do about halloween.

Annual party tommorow night, I still don’t have an idea for a costume though.

Buy <i>Hukleberry Finn</i>, start reading it and study for an exam. Last year there were no kids asking for candy and this year there are maybe three stores in the entire city (this supposedly being the fifth largest in Sweden) that have any Halloween stuff AT ALL, so I probably don’t even need to waste money on free candy for brats. It’s all dwindling again - in a few years it’ll be all about lighting candles on graveyards and remembering dead relatives again.

I’m crying inside. ;_; I love Halloween and I haven’t even bothered to get any decorations out.

I work, and ponder if the great costume disco at my usual disco was successful.

oshi- they still have those? I thought they died out already.

Originally Posted by Evil_Dave
I’m trying to get my date to wear a french maid costume to the party we’re going to.
She’s not going for it.

Lol, that’s what I was going to be but I thought it was too common,so meh

That was so awful it was funny. Eventually I stopped reading and just stared in disbelief.