I’m in kind of a jam, my party is down in Undermountain and we can’t seem to find Hallaster anywhere. Could anyone tell me how to find the bastard?

Dude, This is for Pecil and Paper Roleplaying Games. If what you’re talking about is electronic, at least tell someone the game it’s from. If you’re really playing a P&P, your DM could have made the adventure up.

Dude, it’s from DnD, undermountain is a huge dungeons, created by a mage called Hallaster, that’s under Waterdeep town.

Must resist elitest urge to insult Kenichi until he cries hoem to his mother

Work it out in character.

Unless your DM is the referee type, there’s nothing we can tell you about that adventure, if Wizzy or TSR ever printed one. It’s a bloody P&P! Things could deviate from the original path that the writer made. Use your brain here, you’re not dealing with a mahineww that will do the same things over again, it’s a person, and he/she can alter things to make whatever we might know about a adventure that may or may not have been published incorrect or even fatal for he/she if decided to put a epic challange there.

I honestly thing this idiot is playing something like baldurs gate or neverwinter nights and thinks that’s what dnd is.

Well tenchianlly it is D&D but it’s not the pen and paper type anymore in that case.