Half-Life (PC)

I know this is really quite pathetic but… What do you do after the Anti-Matter thing blows up?..

The Anti-Mass-Spectrometer? You have to go back the way you came through the security and all that. You’ll find a Crowbar for bashing enemies, and some of the retinal scanners will malfunction, allowing you to enter doors that the Science Team needed to open for you.

Very fun thank you for the help… I was confused becuase i never thought to use the broken access pad… well the game is simply scary … I love it… but I keep dying now in the Office level(Black Messa)… Very creepy indeed…

Hey I get to the cheat console and it is not reacting when I put in

“sv_cheats 1”

thats because in order to use the cheats you dont put in quotation marks. It should be just sv_cheats 1 . But the game isn’t overly difficult anyway, so thats sorta retarded.

What part of the office level are you having problems with?

You’ll have to do like Dalton said and go back to the very first room, the one where you first got to talk with scientists. There’s a turning there in which you’ll get to a new part of the map. If I remember well it’s quite around this area that you first get a gun.

A tip: don’t use guns against the zombie things. Just use the crwobar in a hit-n’-run. As for the small thingies that jump on you: they are blind and they find you by the sounds you make. They are atracted by any sound, even the one of bullets. Take advantage of that.

And remember, this isnt an rpg, it isnt neccessary for you to kill everything, just survive.

Tip: talk to the guards and let them shoot things for you (they have infinite ammo, you don’t). When you don’t need them anymore, make it so that only one of them can see you and shoot him pretty fast on the head. I think 2 bullets will do. They’ll drop 17 bullets for your pistol. Don’t waste shotgun ammo on them unless you’re desperate for pistol ammo.