half life 2 episode 3 theories and ideas

Good evening, This thread is made for those who have ideas as to valve’s upcoming installment to the episodic parts of half life 2. So far we know that it WILL take place in the artic area(they said north…so it could be Norway or northern Russia) and the Aperture science ship BOREALIS(portal gun anybody?). Combine eliets and hunters were seen in Judith mossman’s last transmition before they were captured by combine(supposedly) and this opens up area for new combine units that are artic based. Valve has also released concept art for ep3 and one shows a group of advisers in a citadel like area,Combine overworld?

Post your theories here.

First of all, I’m going to come out and say that I seriously doubt that you’ll get the Portal Gun in its current form, for two reasons:
[li]Portals work great as a central game mechanic – that is, a game which centers entirely around it. However, if you just tack it onto an existing system, it’s not really … helpful or useful to the game design, so to speak. There’s no point to including it, at least long-term. Maybe a couple set-pieces, like in Prey, but you wouldn’t be able to have it long-term. And that’s not even considering the fact that you can’t see the 3D skybox through portals, though there’s no reason they couldn’t fix that if they really wanted to.
[/li][li]It would require that they actually get off their asses and make an official Source engine model for Gordon Freeman, which just plain isn’t going to happen. :wink:

That said: I don’t see why there can’t be some really whacked-out gravity-physics there. :wink: