Whats good all!? :ah-ha!: I have been an active visitor to the FF compendium for at least 6 or 7 years…something like that, and I just really started learning how to use forums. (Please don’t flame me to bad…I am a noob.) But hopefully I will make myself a regular here so I just wanted to Introduce myself! See you all around!



Well, then it doesn’t really “begin”, does it? It continues, more like. 8p
Welcome to the forums.


onions smell odd. If you here for that long…Who does pierson hate?
(this is easy)


Welcome, that is what I meant. Old habbits just die hard.

S/he said s/he’d been using the compendium for 6 or 7 years and the forums just recently.

Anyway, hellos Gilgamesh2169.

odd… Welcome! how are ya?

I s’pose I shoulda introduced myself as well, given that this is the first time I’ve visited FF Compendium’s forums…

What the hey is Hajimemashite? Not all of us are fluent in Romanji.

It means “how do you do”.

Pretty much. Literally it comes from “hajime”, which means “begin”, so it’s kind of like “nice to meet you for the first time”. At least as far as I can tell. ^^;

Interesting… and greetings to you as well.