We’d be better off stopping this futile “history” and solving our own damn problems.
Here Here!

When did the US become the capitol of the world? Granted the USA is the sole superpower currently, but that doesn’t give us the right to act like the king of the world. The EU needs to get more power and become another superpower so that the US knows they do not control all.

Our military should become an international party for keeping the peace. It’s too large and dangerous to keep under the command of a country, newmind under the power of one person (Bush).

But we arent just invading. We arent sending any troops even. We’re just protecting civilians by geting that guy out of there. I dont see whats wrong with that.

We sent troops to Haiti on Sunday. You’re forgetting that some years back, we installed “that guy” by ordering 20,000 troops into Haiti. And that was done in order to fix the results of our earlier intervention on behalf of then-dictator Duvalier. Intervention in Haiti goes back to the early twentieth century at least; we even occupied Haiti from 1915 to 1934. But every single new measure taken to “keep order” there just ends up in another measure taken to fix it, which once again is justified by platitudes about “keeping order.” Infonick is right that we have a “history” of intervening in Haiti, but it’s a history containing nothing but failures, and the sooner it’s ended, the better.