I’m sure that you’ve all heard what is going down there right now so there is no need to post an article on it. Anyway, I was wondering what you guys think about what is going on. I just read that the rebels are planning to attack the capital soon. Ever since I read what the bulk of the issues were, I’ve thought that Mr. Aristide should just resign. If Rebels are capable of taking half the island and the second largest city, then I highly doubt that he will be able to continue ruling. The Rebels sound fairly reasonable in that it sounds like they just want Mr. Aristide out of office. If they’ll stop once he’s out, then I think he really needs to step down. If they get him out and continue, then that’ll be pretty fucked up and there may need to be intervention. As you all can guess, I loved reading that 50 Marines were sent to guard our capital. Ah, doing one of our dedicated jobs that none of the other services do. I ighly doubt that the Rebels would attack the embassay based on their stated goals and the fact that they probably don’t want America to get involved and send troops to route them out. Anyway, what are your opinions on what is going on down there. I have more to say, but I’ll save it for later.

An article wouldn’t hurt.

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An article wouldn’t hurt.

Shame on you Epic. Anyway, this has the lastest, but not all the inofrmation.


I don’t see why they would continue. The only reason one would take over Haiti, as far as I can see, is if that person’s a Haitian and wants to improve it since, as I recall, Haiti has ranked as one of the worst countries in the world in which to live over several years.

I feel sorry for the boat people who we have to ship back there.

I agree with Curtis.

The problem the rebels have, from what I understand, are suspicious elections and a brutal police force and they’re fighting back. I agree with Infonick he should step down but there are 2 problems: 1- he needs asylum somewhere and 2-he REALLY fought to get where he is. That’s ROUGH.

I heard the leader of the rebels is a big time drug dealer. What am assuming is even after Aristide leaves, Haiti will continue to have the same problems it has always had and that is a courpt government. There are people that want to make a difference, but most of the time those people are either killed or runned out of the country.

What everyone has to ask themselves is the following: What solution will cause the least bloodbath?

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What everyone has to ask themselves is the following: What solution will cause the least bloodbath?


Amazing what happens in a day. It looks like the US is pushing for Mr. Aristide to step down AND is condiering sending MARINES baby to there to help keep order. The Marines thing is definite yet, but might happen. It’s cool how some of the things we thought should happen are starting to happen.

We should not send troops to Haiti.

According to the article, but like that is the real/sol reason anyway, the reason we might send troops is to protect the 20,000 Americans in Haiti. We already have 50 Marines guarding the Embassy, Hoorah! It’d says that we’d send 2,000 Marines from Camp Lejune, so not a large force by any means. We just need to see how things play out in Haiti, but Mr. Aristide leaving office would be the most important step in calming things down.

Yeah, they need to protect the americans. The rebels are surrounding the capital of Port-au-Prince. Some troops would be good.

It looks the rebel leader, Guy Phillipe, is being fairly reasonable. He’s holding off his attack on the capital since the US is pressing for Mr. Aristide to resign. It is good that these rebels have clear goals and are willing to work some stuff out instead of just go on a war path. By doing this, they are definitely strengthing their cause.


<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> Whatshisface stepped down, rebel SCUM stopped attacking the empire, the galaxy is at peace again.

How about - who cares? Some poverty stricken island is revolting, so it’s the US’s problem. Why? As if we don’t have enough problems in the states? Middle class programming jobs being shipped to India by the hundreds on a daily basis. Entire IT departments outsourced. Ridiculous taxes to pay for the jobless - people who would be employed if they weren’t replaced by some sap on a different continent, forced to work ridiculous hours for a US dollar per week.

Tax money (and lives) wasted to control oil and protect Israel. “Make the world a better place” seems to be the itinerary…obviously it’s not working, just making the US government larger (hmm…), and giving the rest of the planet reasons to cause problems our tax dollars will have to pay for. The billions we wasted in Iraq could have been used to develop and commercialize alternative energy sources. But because the power companies who pollute the environment put Bush in office (and bailed his ass out in the past), it’s pretty clear what’s going on. We invade and conquer Iraq, the costs to produce and distriubute fuel decrease…but now they’re right back where they were (in NY, CA) because of some expensive ‘additive’ suddenly required, by the same government that steals over 1/3 of my earnings.

I love this ‘economic recovery’ - stock is up and employment is down. How is that possible? Easy - the rich are getting richer, and the middle class is slowly being eliminated. If I heard correctly on the radio this morning, Bush is trying to pass some more tax breaks for the rich. Yeah - they really need it.

How about we just bring our military, our politics…and also - our jobs, back within our borders, where they belong, and forget about what’s going on elsewhere.


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…How about we just bring our military, our politics…and also - our jobs, back within our borders, where they belong, and forget about what’s going on elsewhere.
Because if Bush did that there might be some reason for us to keep him in office. Clearly reason is not the driving power behind his form of governing. Money is.

The US has a history of doing this. It is to keep order and prevent death. Also, Haiti does export materials that we need/use. This partly comes from the US being the only super power.

Why were the haitian people destroying their museum. They were burning artwork that had historical value. That was messed up. My haitian friend calls them stupid for burning their city…when they have nothing.

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It is to keep order and prevent death.
That’s the same exact reasoning used to justify intervention in Vietnam, and Iraq, and Latin America, and all the other times we’ve intervened in Haiti over the past 100 years, and every other country in which any superpower has ever presumed itself entitled to decide who should and shouldn’t rule. Every time there’s another “regime change,” there’s more spew about how peace will be really just around the corner, when in reality war ends up perpetuating itself. We’d be better off stopping this futile “history” and solving our own damn problems.