Lol Thats funny. I woulda taken out some ice cream and shoved it in his face.

Oh man, what’s next - pedophiles forming a political party?


Reminds me of that one song by Tripod about the Hotdog man. >.>

That would be the most humiliating thing to happen tomy worst enemy.evil grin

He also should have gone postal.

He returned emtional pain with physical pain. To a mouthy kid. Not seeing what the big deal is.

It is funny. Do you want me to install this humor chip commander Data?

I’m not saying it’s not funny. I’m just saying it’s like a regular occurrance. I mean, who wouldn’t want to punch a mounthy kid?

Oh. sorry. be on your way kind sir…I want to punch an annoying kid.

How cartoon- like. o.o

Ha ha ha ha… priceless!

Wait, its an ice cream man…who puched a kid…aha an ice cream man? * laughs to death*

Go Tripod!

What’s next, if you can’t trust icecream salesmen to always be happy, kind and unviolent, who can you? Gangsters? Charlemagne? Geeks?

Look, a 3 headed monkey!

Are you trying to be funny and random? Cuz you sound like an idiot. You want to go around ruining threads with your random lameness? Well don’t do it in any of my threads, or you’ll get a smack down.

Sounds like someone wants attention!

Me or him? If its him he needs to get his face eaten and die. If its me, you need to shut up.

Maybe it’s all three of us!

Maybe your mom wants attention, thats why she dresses like… MY MOM! HAHAHAHAHAHAA BUUUUUUUUUURNNNNNNN!

Yeah, reminds me of the Jolly-Olly Man from Hey Arnold, to a greater extent.