Wtf o_o The things people come up with…

Man. Gives new meaning to cock and fire.

:|:|:| i’d like to hurt that guy, real bad

Rips Xachariah’s face off, eats it, sprays semen into open wound


Yes, sadly.

No pictures? Ugh.

Man, wtf? How long must it have taken to fill that gun in the first place? That’s just creepy, period. o_o

…the hell?

ok that wins the grossest thing ive heard all day award:too bad:

Bizzare. Just… bizzare.

I’d say “What the fuck” if I wasn’t expecting someone to respond “Exactly”.

Whoa. This guy is a sick f*ck. What is next. Everytime someone goes into a rigged photo booth, it will squirt semen in their eyes? WTF!!!

The picture he took was going to be used no doubt to help refill the gun.