Hahaha wow.

Epic win.

I’ll tear YOU apart! wink

:bowser: STELLAAA!!!

The fools! Dividing by Joy always leaves a remainder of one.

Speaking of Dividing Joy, she ‘divided’ pretty well I’d say.

Calling SK to this thread

That is one classy business.

lol! I swear that business targets celebrities! What a perfect match. :hahaha;

Targets marriages. 50% divorce rate and all that.

Yeah I know. What I meant was that Celebrities marry and divorce so many times it’s not funny, hence they would be the ideal target for this business.

Prenuptials, anyone?

I really wonder if celebrities have a higher divorce rate than the common man. I think you’re just point them out precisely because they’re high profile. THere are many celebrities who have had stable, long-term marriages, but that kind of story doesn’t sell tabloids.

I was just pointing out an appropriate stereotype. I’m not saying all celebrities have short-term marriages. I was just trying to be a bit humorous… whether that worked or not. :stuck_out_tongue:

I like Sean Connery’s marriages. It’s alright to hit a woman if she reaaally asks for it.

Yup. This proves it. Lawyers are useful. If I woke up tomorrow to learn that every single one of them dropped dead overnight, I would maybe be a bit sad!!!

I like THESE lawyers! :smiley:


The guy on the right looks like Will Farrell.

fap fap fap

Seriously, though, great thread DTrillian.