happy birthday you big ass :o



happy birthdes

I think Cless’ was especially clever

Happy birthday you fuck!

Happy Birthday. Hope you get the present you wanted.

Well it’s Belades, but here’s to a Happy Birthday anywades.

Happy birthday. Heard any good harp players lately? XD

He’s auditioning them all the time in his underground kingdom.

Is that smart, since they keep trying to run away with the fairest ladies he’s collected?

What? I thought Hades was the one who runs away with ladies :open_mouth:

Yeah, but so did Orpheus. Except he acted like a n00b and didn’t follow the instructions so he failed. Well, he should have known better and gotten some guild mates to come along. Everyone knows escort quests are teh suck and shouldn’t be soloed.

Also, Hades didn’t run away with 'em. He kidnapped the ladies when they were out picking flowers. You perv.

reupload your avatar :expressionless:

…and then he ran away. ergo…

Damn yoooou!

No wait, he didn’t run. He rode a flaming chariot.

He ran to his chariot

Actually he never left the chariot. Happy birthday.

Don’t tell me what I’ve done! :frowning:

Happy Birthday!

Happy B B-day(first B stands for belated XD). I hope you had a great(and…“fun”) birthday.

Oh, and on the Persephone thing you guys are alluding to, he stole her, brought her to Hades on his chariot(which is NOT burning, that is Apollo), and then waited out for a while before Demeter found out. By then he had tricked the girl into eating 3 pomegranates, which forced Persephone to have to go to Hades for three months of the year, which was the winter months. :stuck_out_tongue: I is a mythology nerd. XD