Hades stole my idea

SuidAkra, anyone like 'em?


Check out the downloads page for MP3s.

Edit: Maybe a little description of them.
I call them Medieval metal… I think if you read their lyrics and listen to them, you can see why :smiley:

I downloaded Reap The Storm. It’s very good. “Medieval Metal,” which I think most people just call power metal nowadays (or are they different?) kind of turns me off now though.

The last person to whom I told I was a fan of Blind Guardian keeps following me around like I’m his buddy. He also literally refers to me as “Emo” for liking The Used, (who are only BORDERLINE emo) despite not really liking any other emo band. He also thinks he’s some big tough guy when really he’s a googly-eyed curly-haired nerd. Thanks for reminding me of him. Now I wanna go beat someone up.

Lol, congrats.
And I don’t think they’d be called power metal… I dunno, kinda something to think about.
We need to get some of the more metal-genre-naming-inclined people in here.

I managed to download the first song after 30 minutes. Wow. I don’t really care about genre classification and don’t know much about it anyway, but the music itself, overall, makes me think more about… uh, In Flames. Yeah, that’s it.

wow! this band is awesome. Thumbs up for you, man.

I wouldn’t call this band power metal… they sound like a mixture of things. Walhalla is right, they sure remind me of In Flames. So I guess they could be considered melodic death metal, however, I hear a lot of folk influences too.

Here’s what metal-archives has to say about them:

Damn. Props to you, Steve.

I’ll have to jump the bandwagon and say they remind me of In Flames. Which can only be a good thing.


edit: It took you thirty minutes to DL this, Walhalla? You must have dial-up.

It took me three seconds to download this. yay for DSL.

Hades Stolez mt ideass to got woto mars

Quiet, idealist.

Buen ib hjell

Well, I hate you. :stuck_out_tongue: DSL and cable are not available here. I live in the middle of the forest in a wooden shack.

What? I thought you lived in an igloo.

Steve’s band rocks but Hades’ band SUCKS!

Why thank you, Ramza, but that’s not nice :frowning:

Do you still love me? :frowning:

When I saw “Medieval Metal” I was expecting somthing more along the lines of Rhapsody, Hammerfall, or Blind Guardian like music.

This was decent, but not what I expected. The vocals were kind of a turn off since I don’t really like the deeper “Roar roarrrrr” lyrics and favor the “Weee Weeeeeeeeeeen” type. Know what I mean?

Well, by weeen weeeeeeeeeeeeeen I think you mean clean vocals, which they have a lot more of on their newest album (Reap the storm is from the newest one) due to their new guitarist (matthias) being a pretty good clean singer.
I can live with any kind of vocals as long as the instrumentation is good :slight_smile: