I’ve already downloaded the first two episodes, and so far I love it. How many episodes has it got?

26 episodes plus a bonus episode 27

Prepare for a lot of talking.

It won’t grab your attention as much unless you’ve at least played INFECTION.

Well, I haven’t, but now I want more details on that game.

After you’ve prepared for a lot of talking, prepare for even more talking. And random English phrases.

Just go rent the damn thing :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes it will… The games are absolutely 100% not necessary to enjoy and FULLY understand .hack//sign. Why do people who’ve played them like to pretend they’re on a higher level of insight about .hack?

Pay attention, dumbass. I didn’t say it would be easier to understand or enjoy, I said it wouldn’t <b>grab your attention as much</b>. And I say it like that because thats how it usually is when first people watch it and stop doing so half-way through the series because it gets boring to them. While its not 100% necessary, it helps just a smidge. And I just love how that last sentence shows how much of an ass you are now since you “changed your ways” to come back.

I love how your last setence shows how much of a blind hypocrite you are :smiley: :smiley: Remind me who’s flaming who here and who deserves the title “ass.” I’ll give you a hint. Both answers start with “C” and end in “rotanks”

Hahaha :stuck_out_tongue:

And by the way, I never changed my ways. I think RPGC just realized how not-bad I am after experiencing certain other people. Now stop trolling and flaming me because it’s the cool thing to do lately. Seriously, it’s getting frustrating, and if you re-read my post, it’s pretty clear it didn’t warrant the flames you’re trying to fan. Grow up.

Damn. I misinturpreted your last comment, by like… a lot. Yeah, I suppose the title of “ass” suits me pretty well, eh? :stuck_out_tongue:

I apolagize. This kinda bullshit won’t come from me again.

make up sex

downloadanime.org also has a new ep 28 as well. No idea what it’s about though.

In a not so far future, the Internet allows people to browse in VR. One such thing that uses such VR is a MMORPG called The World. The story starts with a guy who’s got some degree of amnesya and can’t logout.

He meant the specific episode, dolt.

Ops >_<

(random stuff to fill the 10 character requirement)

I have about 5 episodes, and so far I love it.

Let this anime and the thread concerning it die. >:\

Actually the show gets a bit interesting later but unless you play the hack games the ending of the series isn’t as satisfeing.

I’ve recently been involved with almost anything related to .hack. The episodes are fun the watch, and the game is more fun to play. I’ve cleared Parts I and II of the .hack series.