.hack//SIGN help... Gimme spoilers for I need them

I finished watching all the episodes, but after them all I still couldn’t find out a few things, besides being curious about other ones which I think would be shown in another continuation like DUSK or LIMINALTY. I want spoilers anyway.

1-) What’s Bear’s job? If it has been in an episode, I might have missed it since I got broken parts in one of them.

2-) What happened to Sora after the end? Did he replace Tsusaka and had inability to log out + amnesia? Would it then be him in the last scene where the world talks to someone the same words she did to Tsusaka? Or did He escape it all when Helba destroyed the Net Slum?

3-) When Tsusaka and Subaru touch themselves IRL, there is a scene which makes it seems it was all a computer generated illusion. Was the “real life” an illusion created by the world? Would that be Tsusaka hearing the World then in the ending sequence?

4-) What’s with that cat that Tsusaka tried to feed with some medicine-like thing IRL? Also, in some scenes the one who could be his “father” looks well-dressed (tuxedos), yet in her memories Tsusaka lives in such a misery. Why?

5-) Is Ginkan’s attitude caused by him never getting laid IRL?

1. He’s an author
2. He becomes entrapped in Skeith’s staff (.hack//INFECTION’s first boss)
3. Describe the scene please, because I don’t recall what you’re talking about.
4. Not sure, but I think it has something to do with Maha/Mia
5. Might as well be. He’s 30 and works at a video store. His only love interest seems to be Subaru.

Had to help someone with .hack >_>

3-) Last chapter, IRL Subaru says “LOL you’re back OMG 1!11” and Tsusaka replies “WTF I’m HOME LMAO!1”, and then they go touching hands. But before they touch, the background turns into blue hexagons, just like inside the world when level textures are removed.

Oh. That. Maybe it just has to do with them meeting for the first time IRL, since y’know, they seem to be all lesbian or something. But thats just a guess.

Tsukasa(If that’s how you spell it) is a GIRL. If you watched the whole series you should know. :slight_smile: Sorry I just wanted to clear that up.

this show is so dam complicated, but i like to watch it any how,lol, all i can say is that understanding this show is a hell of alot easier than FLCL