Ha ha

I had a dream that me and Uma Thurman were dueling like on kill bill, except we were using paint brushes as our weapons, and we were trying to stab each other with them. It was so tripped out.

I want whatever you are smoking

The essence of life itself, my friend.

He’s smokin’ D2 fireballs.

$10(canadian) a gram. :chupon:

I’m smokin’ a Delayed-blast 30d8 fireball, myself. It’s costly, but oh boy is it worth it.

Who won?


GOD Uma Thruman is SO FUCKING HOT.

I had a dream that Hades and I were in a pie eating contest at the state fair. The competion was tight, Hades and I were neck and neck the entire time, pie crusts flying everywhere. I thought I had the edge on him, but at the last moment he got a second wind, and ended up eating 15 pies more then I could. After the match I asked him, where he learned to eat pie like that, and how many contests he’s won before. He looked confused, and then asked me “What contest?”

I had a dream where I was in this sort of generic sci-fi setting, investigating this mysteriously-empty space station, sort of, and then out of the blue a buddy of my partner’s (no names were given) came to inform us that Tron had been stolen. I was also dreaming this as if it was one of the stories I was making up, at the same time as someone reacting to this as if it was a story someone else had made up.

I had a dream were I went to this hotel that was also a school, and if you were a kid you became automaticly enrolled, and you got a gym uniform, and a normal uniform! …Which were both pretty much the same except for colors.

So I did a bunch of school crap, and ended up being late for gym. So, I put on my uniform and ran there just in time to here the teacher (Who was VERY fat by the way. XD) say, “And, NOOO wearing your gym uniforms in here!”. Then, for whatever reason I ran away, went down a bunch of roads, got all muddy, got found by some bike riding hobo, went back, and then left for home.

Oh, and I got to keep the uniforms! XD Huggles pretty uniforms

15 dollars (US) a gram.

Jeez that’s practically $20 canadian. that’s insane!

I had a dream that revolved around a bag of potato chips… and everyone was eating them…

She’s actually quite scrawny. I like my girls <strike>fat.</strike> to have a little substance, you know? So when I hug them it doesn’t feel like I’m putting my arms around a bunch of tree branches. You know what I’m saying?

It wasn’t a dream, but about a month ago I came home from school and went to sleep because I was so exhausted (caffiene rush wore off). When I woke up my clock read 5:30 and it was dark already, so I assumed it was 5:30 AM and I only had a few hours to do my essay. So I boot up the computer and join the RPGC chatroom, and comment on how early it is for so many people to be on. It took me a whole ten minutes, just sitting there, to realize it was 5:30 in the evening. Zepp and Cless probably remember this, since Zepp spent the entire time trying to convince me it was 5:30 PM EST. :stuck_out_tongue:

I had a dream that I turned into a squirrel and got a bee stuck up my nose. Don’t ask.

Heh, I hear you loud and clear. 8)