HA HA! Still got it.

Bing’s game partly inspired me to start programming again. Man, after just looking at how to do classes briefly (just the way they look), I’m back to where I was a coupel years ago, in fact even better I’d say. I’m working on nice little RPG for the hell of it. If I can find a header I had a couple years ago I can have it play better, other wise I have other methods to get around it.

I already have the key components of the battle system done fort he most part (I’ll probably change them when I get better ideas on how to do things, mostly just the way items are used). In fact, since all the parts are classes, it’ll make it easy to use in even advanced programs whenever I get there. Pretty sweet.

What’s the degree you’re acquiring now? I forgot if you switched from comp sci to math… I think I might have the wrong person in mind.

That’s me. I switched over the Political Scence, which is where I’m positive I’ll stay (I can probably finish in about 2 or 3 years from now). I noticed I was paying a lot of attention to the news, so it just sort of fit. Plus, becasue I might be activated again next year, I don’t want any math or science thing where the classes build off the previous one. In political science, each class has little to do with the other and you don’t have to take this class to understand that class. I’m just gonna go on my way before college and program for fun and teach myself. Instead of a career, it’ll just be a hobby.

Nice, I’ve already got the character creation done. I’m doing surprisingly well for not doing any programming in at least a year. I may actually have somethign to show pretty soon. :slight_smile: