Guys, you should totally help me.

MAN!!! The theme to Doctor Who is so fucking awesome!

Give this a watch.

tell me that’s real i need a new reason to live :open_mouth:

I already watch Dr. Who, especially Doctor’s 4 and 6. Ugly scarves FTW.

Anyway, thanks for the large number of responses, and I’m not a hot chunk of man-meat, she’s just a neurotic, pathologic chunk of girl meat. Or whatever the appropriate euphemism for females is, I don’t really know that one.
Oh, but I totally do have a way with the ladies. A suicide and a threat. I’m like some kind of emo kid version of Don Juan, only I don’t like emo. I’m not even a good Emo Don Juan. Damn, I suck hogscrotum.

Listen to the Llama Song.

This is pretty funny, and I’m a Orthodox Roman Catholic! made me laugh numerous times.

I love that. Its so awesome.

You know, while this is really great, I’m suprised nobody has sent me a collection of links to Setz threads. That woulda been like a comedy DVD collection, what with the KFC Sexin’ and whatnot.

Damn you and your ability to watch those.

I mean, I COULD watch them, but man, I kinda want to pay…it’s just so awesome. :confused:

Also, NEVER diss the scarf. NEVER!

Were there any of those after about August last year when I left? I’d like to see how the little shit’s been doing, for the very same reasons :smiley:

I’m working on the Setz list for you.

Here is the Setz list. I just finished it, so don’t be fooled by the time on there. I couldn’t think of a way to do it WITHIN the forum that wouldn’t be 390480394 lines long and annoying to those who didn’t want to see it, so I posted it in my LJ.

What is the link to Setz’ livejournal btw? I hear there’s lots of funny stories there.

I totally have the hots for this guy at work. When I talk to him, my lab glasses fog up like some nerdy cartoon character. That’s pretty funny, right? :smiley:

edit - Man, I clicked the LJ link, and I’m losing it laughing about ths sheer number of crazy threads (and the little comments next to the links, great).

edit again? - Okay, I’m so sorry I keep doing this, but the EMERGENCY thread contains the words “crotchal region”. These are new words to me. These are also very amusing words for some odd reason.

I love you, GAP. Some of those I’d never read before, holy shit! I love that kid’s screwball, probably completely fictional, antics!

Oh, and Vicki, I have for sure had the glasses steam up problem when I wear them. Thank god I can’t see up close with them so the person who steams them is always too far away to notice.

I’m glad to lift your spirits, Arac! If I could do it while pointing out Setz’s stupidity I have done a good deed.

Holy fuck that’s a lot of threads.

It’ll be a week before I read them all. Thanks from me too for the work it had to have taken.

Edit: I remember now, I met him in person once.

Whoa.Setz was actually cool at one point. Okay… well have a link to a site that I am addicted to

and ( downloadable games. No viruses. )

Shinryu, this thread’s a riot.

I’m going to list 8 bit Theater, which you already know, to remind you to read it once again.

Thanks again, everybody.