Guys, you should totally help me.

Long story short, I broke up with a girl today, right, and she threatens to kill herself. While the appropriate steps have been taken to prevent it, I’ve had one girlfriend kill herself before, and so, while this is under control, I’m needless to say pretty freaked out still.

I don’t want advice or ‘srry dud’ or any of that, but I want stuff to take my mind off of it. So post funny stuff and entertain me for a good cause, please?

I direct you to the ever hillarious antics of Dr Tran

(also, sorry dude, that sucks >> It has to be said <<)

I have an amazing apathy towards people like that but I guess it depends a bit as to why she wants to kill herself so for now , assuming you’re serious, I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt. If you want any kind of help, you’ll have to obviously give more information on the subject. Can’t fight a battle without knowing your enemy first.

Anything here will certainly help you out, I’m sure. Other than that, I’d listen to some Ramones or something. That ought to help quite a bit.

Here’s some gallows humor:

Yep, I’ve got a playlist of Ramones and Misfits during the periods when the misfits didn’t suck. I’ll have to watch that stuff in the morning, I’m going to bed, now.

Sin: Don’t want actual help, it’s really under ctonrol, I’m just shaken up and kinda halfway between sad and pissed off, so I want fun stuff to just not deal with this bullshit.

Cavelcade: Thanks, that is pretty awesome.

RPT: Gallows humour is always the best kind, thanks man. I love PBF, but I’d lost the link. Awesome!

Pretty cool.

Man, you have a way with the ladies.

Listen to my music: If it doesn’t make you laugh at the amauturish recording, then it will surely make you laugh at the content atleast.

Damn, that sucks, Arac. Rest assured, KexMex is still a moron. So the world is in order.

Now, I still think Billy Kane should come back.

You must be one hot chunk of man meat.

If it were 5 days from now I’d tell you to hit me up on MSN or AIM or something and I’d send you a few songs, but I’m going to be in Toronto until the 27th.

For now, well, sucks to be you. :stuck_out_tongue:
You might remember that.
Fun times. :confused:

And yes, Doctor Tran rocks…but not as much as Doctor Who :frowning: I also recommend Doctor Who to you. Watch it. >:(

MAN!!! The theme to Doctor Who is so fucking awesome!

Give this a watch.

tell me that’s real i need a new reason to live :open_mouth:

I already watch Dr. Who, especially Doctor’s 4 and 6. Ugly scarves FTW.

Anyway, thanks for the large number of responses, and I’m not a hot chunk of man-meat, she’s just a neurotic, pathologic chunk of girl meat. Or whatever the appropriate euphemism for females is, I don’t really know that one.
Oh, but I totally do have a way with the ladies. A suicide and a threat. I’m like some kind of emo kid version of Don Juan, only I don’t like emo. I’m not even a good Emo Don Juan. Damn, I suck hogscrotum.

Listen to the Llama Song.

This is pretty funny, and I’m a Orthodox Roman Catholic! made me laugh numerous times.