Gurren-Lagann: The End

Anyone else is pumped? Gainax still has a shot at pulling a CONGRATULATIONS SIMON, but so far it seems they’ll withold the brainfucking and actually deliver a happy end. Although it seems that we’ll never see the real end of the war, since the EP1 prologue is likely to be the last scene in the next chapter.

That said, I’d like to mention two things that this last chapter brought up. Massive spoilers ahead:

HOLY SHIT BOOTA! I mean, everyone did that joke about who the second in command would be at least once ever since the very first chapter, but I doubt anyone actually believed Gainax would REALLY go for it.

It seems from what this image shows, that Diebuster and Getter Emperor can suck it. I suppose that’s going to be the Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann. Still, GALAXY-SIZED?!

I haven’t been so pumped for a show since GaoGaiGar FINAL.

Gurren Lagann is so fucking awesome, it truly is one of the best shows I’ve seen.

These last few eps have been great. Kittan ;_;. The music during that particular scene was pretty epic.

Also: I read somewhere that Gainax plans to make Gurren Lagann their new main franchise, spawning more series, OVAs and movies eventually…the source escapes me for the moment.

This makes me worried. You can only stretch the power of awesome so far.

Just watched the final episode.

I fucking LOVED it.

I’ll have to wait until someone translates it. Shouldn’t be too long.

Subs have been out for a few hours already

Saw the final ep last night, loved the episode, wasn’t too crazy about the epilogue. A few thoughts.

The Anti-Spiral throwing galaxies like shuriken. That was fucking awesome.

Boota? I thought his human form was pretty damn adorable, and then he was a molepig again in 27? Was the human form his version of the Anti-Spiral’s mindfuck world or what?

LORD GENOME, FUCK YEAH. The only character in the series awesome enough to die TWICE.

And finally, the epilogue. I was pretty happy with most of the scenarios except Simon’s. Nia dies and he becomes some kind of wandering hobo? With no real reason behind it, either. That struck me as a bit strange, though I liked his spiral-spear thing.

Anyway, my minor gripes besides, it was altogether one of the best damn series I’ve watched in years, and I would love more, be it fluff, an ova, whatever.

Simon must have done some crazy stuff after his departure. I am curious on how he got his Spiral Eye


Fuckers just COULDN’T leave it with a best-case scenario, could they? Yeah, I’m not too happy about Simon’s end either.

Still, everything else was absolutely awesome. I’m pleased enough.

Awesomest fight scene ever. The anti-spiral home planet was pretty creepy.

OST is finally out. Rejoice.

Oh, I shall. I’m rejoicing right now, in fact. All over my pants.

I think I overloaded on hotblood.