Gundam Seed

Can anyone tell me if this anime is worth a 10 Gig Download? (Bittorrent ofcourse)

My friends say it’s great, but the only animes they watch are Inuyasha and Gundam Wing, so I wanna know from someone who has watched alot of anime, and can tell between good or bad.

In a word; YES.

Once you get past the first few epsidoes it’s mostly good solid robot blowing up action and teenage pilot angst, and once you get past ep 30 it’s damnnably awesome. :smiley:

Gundam Seed 2 has also been announced for Japan in October. Except fansubbing to commence, oh, a week later. I’m really looking forward to it. :smiley:

Man, downloading 10 Gigs on a dsl/low speed cable blows. It’ll take 12 days to finish :confused:

Forget about downloading it, just buy the whole thing with eng subtitles… :ulty:

Bah, I refuse to spend money. (Because I have none)

DON’T DO IT. I have the Complete Box Collection. That thing must have had about 3 different subbers, because it ranges from good to engrish in quality. I mean, REAL BAD. >_<

I know…lol!! I paid 100+ bucks for that thing… And now I want to get rid of it so bad. They call Kira “Gira” in one episode, then they changed his name to… Jira or something in another.

Hi, Chinatown.

I was just wondering… is there any Gundam Seed Movie?
i heard there is but have no idea for sure.
Anyways, i downloaded my complete series from kazaa and it took about 6 gigs not 10 but it took 2 months :frowning:
well i have bittorent and if there is some movies and you know how to get them, plz send me the ling for bittorent or anything else that can get me them.

I wasn’t aware there might be a Gundam SEED movie, but I doubt it since they’re working on another season of it.

There’s none of as yet, but I wouldn’t say there isn’t going to be one at some point in the future, after SEED2 finishes maybe.

May I know where to download gundam seed using bit torrent??