Guitar Tabs

I’ve looked everywhere and haven’t been able to find it. I’m looking for the tabs for Cowboy Bebop - ELM, so if anyone has them, please, for the love of god give them to me.

Check that site out…I found it when I was looking for some tabs for a friend. It has VG music, so it might have what you’s looking for.

I seriously doubt its there. I tried to find them, but while doing so I found <a href=“”>this</a> old beauty. :smiley:

Yeah, MXTabs actually has very FEW tabs worth learning. It’s pretty much 98% mainstream bullshit like Mudvayne, System of a Down, etc. and the good songs they do have often have very poor tabs (As in, they’re played all on one string and sound flat and boring.)

And Cro, I’ve been to that site. It’s good, but no ELM ;_;

I guess no one’s made a tab for ELM yet ;_;

It’s gonna be better than, though I don’t know if it’s going to be any more useful for hunting down anime theme songs… unless of course, you happen to know the original performing artist/composer.