Guitar hero

better late than never, but a friend of mine recently got a hold of this (yesterday)
We played it for a bit last night, starting at medium difficulty. I ended up being the only one who could finish unsung on medium.
Today rolls around and we hang out and end up playing again.
I managed to beat Killer Queen on expert and fucking Stellar on hard.
God I love this game.

Who else loves it, and is looking forward to guitar hero 2?

I refuse to play. The creator had never heard of Yngwie. 'Nuff said :stuck_out_tongue:

Stellar’s cover for Guitar Hero is awful.

I wanted to pick it up. Then I noticed that it’s 90 euros for the game and 1 guitar controller, and they didn’t sell controllers seperately, so to properly enjoy it I had to pay approximately 180 euros.

So fuck that. I’ve still got Ouendan.

Oh get over yourself. They gotta make the game accessable for people and Yngwie (overrated, but I digress) is probably too much on the medium level much less hard or expert. It’s still a lot of fun, even shitty songs like Chochise, Fat Lip and Stellar are fun to play even tho the songs blow.

I can do the first two and a half sets on expert and Unsung on expert. I almost got the game beat on hard. You havent experienced true victory until you finish Bark at the Moon on Hard. I cant do it on medium any more it’s soooooo slooooooooow and easy.

Partially but surely I was a bit insulted when the game came out. To slap my talent on a pixalated screen for noobs to mock at? Hell no…but then I got over it after finding out that the Late night Casualties (avatar) play it religiously and made me laugh, so I gave it a try when I was over there studio :stuck_out_tongue: ok,ok… its pretty rad

Indeed. Those that say OMG GET A REAL GUITAR N00B!!!11 are totally missing the point of the game.

Get a real guitar, noob. >:(

…He’s not in the game because the guy who made it didn’t know who the hell he is (as I’ve already stated), not in order to “make it accessible” and because it would be difficult. The guy doesn’t know his guitarists :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know who that is, and I get the feeling most people don’t. Maybe it’s just me, but people probably want to see songs in the game they’re familiar with.

Hahah, hard mode, do Bark at the Moon on expert and we’ll talk about difficulity.

I can clear everything, but i don’t play anymore :confused: I’m more of a freaks man than a hero man, myself. I like the more of a robust timing system in freaks than the “just play for fun” lack of individual note scoring in hero.

I’m not looking forward to GH2 just because they still havn’t added individual note timings, as far as i’ve seen. More songs will be cool, but i’ll just end up playing to clear and then setting it back down again.

Yeah… I made it like 18% of the way through.

Yngwie isn’t the be all end all.
They have songs somewhat equivalents.
Fuck, they have Crossroads.
Shove yngwie up your ass and play the damn game.
The cover of stellar is shit, as is the singing on Symphony of Destruction


I made it 73% of the way through Crossroads on expert. Worship Me.

The singing on Symphony isnt terrible, but the singer really overexaggerates Mr. Mustaine’s style.

Oh it must be stated that Cavemen Rejoice and Cheat on the Church are two of the best songs on it.

So what? Thats not really too hard.

Cavemen Rejoice is a great song! It is by a Boston band called The Bags.

I’ve actually had the chance to meet The Bags a couple times. They’re nice guys. A friend of mine is in a Boston punk band called Penis Fly Trap and they’re friends with The Bags.