Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core

AKA “yet another release of the same game over and over again.” They’ve removed Justice and Kliff, and replaced them with A.B.A from Isuka and Holy Order Sol from Slash. This, I believe, was in the name of rebalancing the game, which I feel is somewhat like rebalancing Final Fantasy 7 by taking out Knights of the Round. Of course Justice and Kliff are unbalanced, they’re supposed to be uber-cheeseball characters!

They also changed some of the moves. For instance, the input for Dizzy’s “Necro’s Anger” overdrive is now “half-circle-backward, forward+punch” when it was originally “down-forward, half-circle-forward, back, forward+punch” so that you needed to be the CPU in order to do it.

I’m also just about ready to buy a PS2 Gameshark to tackle Survival Mode with, because black+Ex Anji has NO business being damn near tougher than Arcade-Mode I-No at level 60 of 1000. Hell, I was playing with Millia a bit, and she was getting her ass royally kicked by black+Ex Potemkin at level 20. He’s the FIRST BLACK+EX CHARACTER. I’m not sure if the every-20-levels “bosses” are automatically scaled to the level of the highest boss you’ve ever reached (at one point I got to level 240, and hadn’t had that much trouble early on before then), but come ON. [rant mode disabled]

  1. They didn’t remove Justice and Kliff to rebalance the game - they’re already banned from tournament play, anyways.

  2. You’re complaining that they made a super EASIER to do? Is that the best complaint you’ve got? :stuck_out_tongue:

  3. If you don’t realize what a huge overhaul this is from #reload, or even from Slash, you’re just not paying enough attention. Play Sol, or Robo-Ky, and tell me that they’re still the uber-lords of Guilty Gear. Shit, play Axl for ten SECONDS and tell me he doesn’t play COMPLETELY differently. Tell me that Force Breaks, Slash Backs, and Throw Guards don’t change this game up a TON. This game is quite a ways up from #reload, where you could win most matches easily by picking Sol and using the combo ‘j.Dust, j.Dust land jump xN’ for upwards to 50% damage. This game still has enough crazy shit in it to make your head spin (hell, they added MORE of it, too), AND it’s, by a longshot, the best-balanced Guilty Gear yet.

  4. A reason you’re probably getting your shit wrecked by Potemkin is because first of all, you’re fighting an EX-Potemkin, and second of all, he has the strongest normal moves in the game, while Millia has one of the worst defense modifiers in the game.

Well it’s true,this game is much more different than the others and at last they actually put new character select art.Things that I’m actually happy about.

1:Zappa is really good now,before he had very little chance to win,now(for those who care)he is hight tier(yay)

2:Order Sol is much better now,still hard to use but much better(his destroyer is still a bitch to do)

3:I like the new stages look especially new hell its very creapy now.

But what I’m really expecting is GG2 overture.

I’ll play it as long as it has teh METAL!!!

I didn’t say those were the only changes, or that it was a complaint (or my only one). I’ve only taken a superficial look at it anyway, just spouting some first impressions and stuff.

But yeah.