Guillermo Del Toro and James Cameron to bring H.P. Lovecraft to the big screen


I’ve known about this since back when I first read the story At the Mountains of Madness three years ago or so. Good to see it finally got the green lights. I’m not happy with the whole 3D aspect, but at least it’s being filmed with that in mind rather than an after thought.

But. If this is horror that cannot be comprehended without your mind being torn to pieces, it could be too awesome for viewing :o

I’m willing to listen to Del Toro after Pan’s Labyrinth, but I believe terror that cannot be comprehended had generally better be terror that is not seen. That said, Toro is probably one of the best choices if you go the more graphic route.

“In the Mountains of Madness” is in my opinion better than most other of Lovecraft’s stories (who were mostly about single people dying or going insane from contact with the supernatural) because it’s larger in scope (more characters involved, possibilities of worldwide effects) not to mention that it built a more science fiction-like foundation for his mythos. I trust Gullermo to do a good work with it. While I’m sure monsters like the shoggoth will be seen, in the original story the REAL ultimate menace was never seen so I expect that to be the case in the film as well (unless Del Toro succumbs to pressure from executives.)

This could be fucking mindblowing.