Well, I finally got around to checking out Great Teacher Onizuka and saw the first 4 episodes (saw the 1st with Jiharn). It’s better than I expected- really pretty funny and a nice story too. Plus the voice actor that was Spike is Onizuka so hey, even better =P. So if anyone here hasn’t seen it, they should definitely check it out.

GTO is my favorite anime, I LOVE it. You must see more, and so must I. It’s really a great anime series!

Yeah, I definitely plan on getting more. I’m saving part of my pay check every week to buy another DVD =P

Are listening and watching it in english dub or Jap Sub?

I’ve been watching the English dub.

I haven’t seen the DVD ($40 CDN is just a little too expensive for me) but I’ve read Volume 1 of the manga and damn, this is one good series. It’s kind of lowbrow, but it’s funny and somewhat sincere.

I like GTO, because I don’t like school.

Kagon: But it’s so much more funny in the Jap =)

Heh, well I’ll check it out in Jap too then =P