Great theft Dinosaur - Clicka

Now, serious, who are they going to sell the thing to? There are only six skeletons of the species worldwide, five have their location known. Whoever buys the sixth will have to hide it forever.

Porbbaly theyll just sit in their Musesum Od Stolen Rare Things and cackle gleefully, “It’s mine and only mine!” etc type sayings.

Hell, I would do that, if I could find a copy of the Two Remixes 12" (don’t ask).

Seems like an odd thing to collect. Hide it in the basement for personal viewing pleasure I guess. Frankly, they’re cooler in a museum with the poses and stuff.

As long as they don’t take it to some island in the middle of nowhere and try to clone it, then it’ll be alright. I mean, it’s a freaking dinosaur skeleton! That’s gotta be a nightmare to hide!

Uses lots of bad dinosaur skeleton puns. Is thrown out of thread

I wonder how much a dinosaur skeleton actually costs…