Grrrrr... M:tG game.

Not the card game, but it is related to it. If you look at the first article on the page today (I can’t get to it anymore), and go into the article, you’ll see that they’re making Battlegrounds for X-Box only. ><

I really don’t think that’s a wise move. Multi-platforming (for PS2, X-Box, and/or GC) would be better; look at MK DA.


Well, one can always hope that it will eventually make it to other platforms. (Especially as it sinks in that this STILL won’t result in new X-box users/consumers. Haw Haw.)

Grr…stupid Bill Gates with his stupid money and his stupid XBox…STUPID!

Just emulate it if you don’t have the right console. Anyway, I’d rather go for the old PC Magic than going to the console one.

Um…Battlegrounds isn’t like M:tG Online or Apprentice, Ren.

Originally posted by Dai ryuujin
Um…Battlegrounds isn’t like M:tG Online or Apprentice, Ren.

I thought it was due to the title >_<

It’s not a M:tG game in the sense that you actually play the card game. It just uses concepts from it to make the game.

:hyperven: DUDE! Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for a game like that?!? That would be AWESOME! And its on XBOX?!?! DUUUUUDE! NOO!!

Sadly, XBox will get most of the attention, and not just because of Bill. People like the system. Sure, it has a few good points, but I don’t care for it that much.