Growlanser II/III

Is there a reason Growlanser II and III are not on the list of shrinable games? It is quite a traditional rpg. Is there just another name it goes by that I’m missing?

Dalton probably just hasn’t added it.

I’d assume it’s only Dalton’s job to add those to the Database if someone asks to shrine them. In any case, they’re not on the list because the Database is just not up to date with the new games that come out (Growlanser Generations is not even that new anymore), which is mainly caused by the difficulty to find people consistently working on it.

Yeah, and it’s not like you can’t shrine it cos it’s not on the list or anything. :stuck_out_tongue: If you wanna shrine em, go for it.

Just convince Dalton or/and Merlin.

No. Not Merlin. He doesn’t handle this any more. He hasn’t since like 2002. Just talk to Dalton. However, I’d advise against shrining both of them. For one thing, I’m pretty sure we have a 1 shrine per new person rule, and I would say that it’s two separate games. Which it is.

Just send Dalton an e-mail, or a PM, and he’ll toss you in. Might wanna stick in a reason on why you’d like to Shrine it though… like it says in the Join Page.


Thats for games that may or may not be RPGs. If the game is obviously an RPG then it doesn’t need reasons, dumb ass.

The rule of thumb is if you’re sure it’s an RPG send the e-mail and Dalt’ll also likely be aware of it’s RPGness. If it’s not send an e-mail, explain why you think it’s an RPG and if Dalt hasn’t played the game it’ll get put before the staff and we’ll decide.

Be nice, Ori