Grid maps in shrines

I’m working on a shrine that’s going to have a LOT of maps and grids, some of which can be easily displayed using tables. However, I know that the CSS in the templates means the tables get reformatted once they’re uploaded, and things like background colors and special text colors don’t show up as they do in KompoZer. So should I just use PNG images instead, or is there a way around this that doesn’t pack a page chock-full of images?

If I remember the CSS coding correctly, for the table to take on the automatic CSS qualities, there has to be something like class=“table” in the table tag.

Cidolfas would know more about that though.

class=“info” will cause the table to have the RPGC backgrounds and whatnot. Plain old tables will still look fine.

So does that mean that the stylesheet linked to from the Join section ( is not in use, and another one is? Because in that sheet, tables of any kind are automatically assigned CSS values (no backgrounds, no borders), and I would need to use both to generate the kind of grids I’m talking about.

CSS rules are “cascading”, meaning if you assign a class or style to a table, row, or cell, that will supersede the “default” which is given in the CSS. So whatever colors or images you use should still look fine if you’re using custom ones.

I’m fairly certain that if you enter the info for background colors/images/formatting, it will override the defaults. Try it out and upload it to test it. You can always tweak some code, re-upload, and refresh the page to see what it looks like.

(Speaking of which - who’s running the join page now?)

No one. We’ll try to find someone soon.