Greetings from Portugal

Hey, it´s me, from Portugal see. I paid money to use computer here at the hotel for 20 minutes, so I thought Id just post here, but this keyboard is wierd, and the chat doesnt wanna work.

Anyway, it´s nice here, but a little too hot. The hotel has a jacuzzi and pool and stuff, but I spend most of the day on my GBA, I bought a load of new games at the airport.

Anyway, I´ll be back next Saturday, and hopefully online again on Sunday.

Ren, I don´t speak Portuguese, but most of them speak English, so it´s alright.

Seeya. :wave:

(Man, this computers faster than the one at home).

Have fun over there. Go visit some people and take lotsa pics.

I´d have to buy a camera for that >.<

That’s the point! You’re a tourist, so go spend money and help the European economy. :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re obviously having a better time than I did during my week and a half in Spain. :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you had any hardcore portuguese food yet? Tell me how it is.

Did you find me some Portuguese ass to bring home to me yet?

Say hi to Manus for me if you see him!!

Told you it’d be hot.

Man, you’re on tourism and you spend most of the day gaming? You can game at home, drop the GBA and go get a life!

And BTW, have you eaten a lot of cod yet? Everything food I see from Portugal is at least 50% cod.

I still don’t understand your choice of destination, but meh. I’m more than eager to put a good distance between me and this place.

Yeah, Portugal is not exactly the first choice of many tourists. Still, I HAVE heard good things about it. Get out an experience the place!

Hope you enjoy your vacation, Gilga!

Playing a GBA in Portugal… Gilga is living the good life :stuck_out_tongue: