Alright, so, why I’m not here and gave no notice:
Friday-- 11 AM, my mom: Hey, [Arac], we have to leave for Greeley by 11:30. Now, she’d mentioned this last saturday, but then she said we probably wouldn’t, so I’d assumed we weren’t when she didn’t say anything. Anyway, I thus had to get dressed, showered, and packed in half an hour, so I didn’t have time to get online and post something/PM you. I’m right now on a computer at the hotel in Greelel, which, for those of you who don’t know, is a very small town which is only notable for its music theatre college and bizarre scent.

EDIT: Oh, as karmatic compensation for ditchign you guys, though, I do have a piece of graphite embedded beneath my fingernail, or did until late last night. Now I have this awesome black mark all down it.

Not much happened, anyway. 100 XP, though. Nyah nyah.

Also, like, Graphite from a pencil? I always do that. Reach into my pocket, with the led sticking up. >_>

You better be here this Friday, though.

Yeah if you’re not, dain might just find himself on the end of some not so non lethal racism.

Yeah, only, this graphite when up under the nail, and stayed there, Like, it broke off, and my mom wanted to go the ER to get it out =P.

As for missing, I promise not to. If I do, Dain should be hung using his overly long pony tail/braid. And I should have my fingernail chopped back another centimeter, so it regrows all silvery-black, hopefully. Actually, that won’t happen, and I’m now rambling because I haven’t slept since Fri-i-day! Weeee!

I got it stuck under there too. But pft, ER? I just cut my fingernails as short as I could, and used tweasers. But I’m hardcore like that. I’m not paying for the ER. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I just cut the nail back as far as it would cut, and the damn thing was still under there, so I stuck a needle under the nail, re-angled the thing, and pulled it out with tweasers. Yeah, the whole time, my mom kept saying ‘I think the ER could handle this better, maybe we should go there,’ or such. Then again, it’s probably awkward to talk to a guy trying to pull pencil lead out of his finger.