Greatest Games Article

The subject explains it all, and look who is at the top.

It’s not at the top cuz it’s the best, it’s at the top cuz it was added most recently.

I didn’t say it was the best, I said it was at the top.

the only games there i agree with are fallout and sotn =O

Well, I agree with Fallout II, even though it’s been an eon since I played it. Not so sure about some of the others though.

I also consider ST2Turbo the best SF game ever, so nyah.

On Castlevania: Symphony of the Night:

It Carried the Torch for 2D Games in an Increasingly 3D World



Just my opinion.

X6!? … If you actually <i>play</i> it, I feel sorry for you, man.

Er… why? Bear in mind I’ve not played it yet, and the copy I ordered came in the original wrapping. Is there any reason I shouldn’t open it? I know it’s kinda rare, but that rare?

Okay, I’m looking through it as I post this.

I haven’t played Fallout, so I should go in the corner and cry. Twisted Metal 2 is NOT the best TM; Twisted Metal Black is. Super Mario World still rules. Okay, I might comment more later.

I always wanted to play Star Control 2.

Never did.

But these games are right where they should be. Even if some won’t agree.

Originally posted by d Galloway
Super Mario World still rules.

True dat. SO basically this isn’t a list, more like a collection of what the think are the best games? Better. Lists suck.

Actually, I don’t think ST is the best SF. Alpha 3 is. ST is just awesomely kickass and has GOOD music. Alpha 3 is more than just awesomely kickass, but has crappy music.

But, they probably went for old school flava’. So…

Flava is much overrated, but I grew up with SF2T, so; meh.

Anyway, what other games deserve to go on the Greatest Game Ever? I say System Shock II, for being everything survival horror wasn’t, and having the best evil insane computer ever.

ST is good. Very good. Thing is…

Uh, forgot what I wanted to say. Except that I should find a working rom of it one day. (Super Turbo, not SF2T)

Yeah, but there’s something lame about PC versions of beat-em-ups or platformers. The controls just dont work.

Well, for me anyway, as I don’t own a gamepad.